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CULTURAL SENSITIVITY TRAINING & Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training in Toronto, ON.

The Indigenous Peoples of our nation play an integral role in defining the identities of our communities, cities, and provinces. Here at Bear Standing Tall & Associates, dedicates on providing corporations with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Indigenous Peoples groups through digital, online training. Corporations and organizations of all sizes choose us for cultural sensitivity online training and indigenous cultural awareness training in Toronto, ON.

Online Courses

Our courses are a unique, engaging, and effective way to gain a deeper understanding of our country's Indigenous Peoples. Learn more about our courses handled by certified aboriginal business experts below.

Indigenous Protocol Consultation

(coming soon)

This important course empowers you to Indigenize your worldviews and expands your understanding of how to engage respectfully with Elders and Knowledge and Wisdom Keepers. You'll learn the traditional protocols of approaching, inviting, and including these significant guests in your work experience. It allows you to set the tone appropriately and confidently at company functions using traditional and territorial land acknowledgments.

Introduction to Smudging


This course offers practical tools for understanding and applying the ancient wisdom of smudging. Upon completion, participants will have an appreciation of the four commonly used medicines of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island. Learn how to smudge, including where, when, and why it serves a place in your personal and professional experience. You'll appreciate being able to lead your team in this significant component of cultural sensitivity while exploring the historical, legal, and current context of smudging in the workplace.

Indigenous Worldview & Philosophies (COMING SOON)

Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous worldviews and philosophies. This workshop will inform your professional interactions, practices, and work environment with a historical and contemporary framework underpinning the strengths and belief systems of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island. The Medicine Wheel Philosophy will teach each participant about the connection between Indigenous identity, culture, and personal and societal value systems as represented in the Circle of Life.

How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples 


Every day, more people confront the fact that our world is not equitable for all. In these times, it is critical to focus on allyship and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. This powerful course expands your knowledge you in a non-colonial framework about:

  • The history and legacy of Residential Schools
  • The Doctrine of Discovery
  • The Royal Proclamation (1763)
  • Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls
  • UNDRIP-United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Terra Nullius
  • Métis: Red River Resistance 
  • Indigenous Law
  • Aboriginal-Crown Relations
  • The Indian Act
  • Treaties and Aboriginal rights
  • Residential Schools

These indigenous awareness online training and courses are factual and authentic. It employs video and audio technology to offer a holistic learning opportunity that incorporates all four aspects: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Emphasis is placed on learning factual and solutions to allyship with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

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