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Bear Standing Tall & Associates is an Indigenous-owned company that provides Consulting and Corporate Training. We are a certified Aboriginal business with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

The training we provide is designed for organizations and corporations progressing towards a certification that confirms corporate performance in Aboriginal relations. We support companies by offering training in increased understanding of Indigenous Awareness to help your organization complete the requisites from Phase One of the PAR process to Gold Certification.  


We are based out of the Centre for Social Innovation at the corner of Dundas Street East and Regent Park Blvd in the eastern Garden District of Downtown Toronto, Ontario. The company can be distinguished from other Indigenous service providers by its focus on Indigenous Protocol Consultation, Allyship, Indigenous Worldviews and Philosophies approach designed for corporate and governmental entities in four experiential workshops.


  1. Indigenous Protocol Consultation

  2. Introduction to Smudging

  3. Indigenous Worldview & Philosophies

  4. How to Ally with Indigenous Peoples


 We also provide training for non-PAR corporations, Gov't & not for profit organizations.

On-Site Training:  Trainer Led & Experiential 

Corporations and organizations who choose authentic, experiential training services leading to PAR certification with CCAB, will benefit greatly by utilizing the expertise and experience of Bear Standing Tall.


Computer-Based Training

Our company provides Computer-Based PAR training for your entire corporation. 

Need additional training? Contact us to co-create & design courses for your employees and/or supply chain.


Your coworkers are across the country and your head office is located in Toronto. Invite them to join and be part of the live training.

 Training Path 

Committed Phase
 Progressive Aboriginal Relations PAR

VP Management
Cultural Awareness Training

1 full day
Computer Based Training 

 Cultural Awareness Training
1 full day +
Computer Based Training

Year 1

Year 2

Computer Based Training

HR Onboard Employees
Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training

Training Complete

Year 3

Employee Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training (implemented)