Certified Aboriginal Business in Toronto, ON

Bear Standing Tall & Associates is an Indigenous-owned company providing consultation and corporate training services. We are a Certified Aboriginal business based in Toronto, ON, with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. Our services are available to PAR (Progressive Aboriginal Relations) and non-PAR corporations and government and nonprofit organizations.

Our training is to support organizations and corporations as they earn a certification confirming their performance in Aboriginal relations. Through our courses, we enhance professionals' understanding of Indigenous awareness online and help them complete the requisites for Phase 1 & 2 of the PAR process towards a Gold Certification.

We are located in the Centre for Social Innovation at the corner of Dundas Street East and Regent Park Boulevard in the Eastern Garden District of downtown Toronto, Ontario. We are distinguished from other Indigenous service providers by our focus on Online access to Indigenous Awareness & Cultural Corporate Sensitivity Training.

Computer-Based training, design & developing authentic online courses and strategies to training Senior Management or thousands of employees is where we support your projects.

  • 1. Courses in English & French
  • 2. Support in development 
  • 3. Support with Design
  • 4. Indigenous Lens approach
Bear Standing Tall & Associates Certified Aboriginal Business Experts

On-DEMAND Training

Our skilled trainers are known for offering interactive & experiential on-site training programs. Due to COVID-19, we are booking one year in advance for live, trainer-led training workshops. We are also available to provide off the shelf courses. Contact us for more information.


Depend on us for Powerful & Impactful computer-based PAR training for everyone in your corporation, organization, or company. We can even co-create and design additional training courses for your employees and supply chain workers short or long term.


Many companies today have head offices in Toronto, but employees live in all parts of the country. Our webinars make it possible for you to invite your coworkers to join and be a part of our live training, regardless of where they are in Canada.

Training Path (View FlowChart)

Committed Phase
Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR)

Year 1

  • VP Management
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Computer-Based Training

Year 2

  • Managers: Computer-Based Training
  • Employees: Computer-Based Training
  • HR Onboard Employees: Computer-Based Training
  • Employees: Computer-Based Training
  • CBT: Training Complete

Year 3

  • Employee Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training (Implemented)

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